What are the real values and practice of the Brotherhood?

  • Lördag 11 Jul 2015 2015-07-11
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German authorities have released the well-known Al Jazeera journalist Ahmed Mansour, who had been detained at a Berlin airport at the request of the Egyptian government. Accompanied by his lawyers, Mansour greeted his supporters after his release on Monday, and thanked the German court for its decision.

“I extend my thanks and appreciation to the honest and honorable judges of Germany”, Mr. Mansour said. He added; “Many thanks to the people around the world who supported me, I’m free, I’m free, I’m free!”

Ahmed Mansour was sentenced by an Egyptian court, in absentia, to 15 years in prison, alongside two Moslem Brotherhood members and a preacher, for allegedly torturing a lawyer in Tahrir Square in 2011.

 But this is not the full story of Ahmed Mansour. He is of course known for being close to the Moslem Brotherhood (as is the Al Jazeera and its creator and protector, the ruling family of Qatar) and publicly known for, by his own words, defending human rights and especially women’s rights. Mr. Mansour is on record has having defended the Brotherhood ideology for a long time. He has also argued that this same ideology assures human rights in general and really protects women, which even the most cursory look will show to be complete nonsense.

Therefore the news that Mr. Mansour went into a ‘brokered marriage’ with a Moroccan woman that he ‘divorced’ soon after – brokered by senior member Abdelali Hamiddine of the General Secretariat of the PJD party no less – shed some light onto what kind of moral compass Mr. Mansour really live according to. The practice of so-called ‘temporary marriages’ exist, but mainly within the Shia tradition. The fact that a well-known journalist with one of the largest news-channels in the Middle East have been able to get away with this despicable conduct throws a bad light both on Mr. Mansour himself and on Al Jazeera. Furthermore, the Moslem Brotherhood has some explanation to do here, since they claim to represent ‘true Islam’. This is a spurious claim to say the least and very obviously un-true.


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