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  • Onsdag 27 Apr 2016 2016-04-27
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The Washington Post has now taken note of the Swedish government crisis with the Green Party in focus. In the article from yesterday are described in some detail both Mehmet Kaplan’s various meetings and Yasr Khan’s refusal to shake hands with a woman. “The Post” also highlights that the Environment Minister Åsa Romson called the terrorist attacks in the USA on 11 September 2001 an “accident”. The attack counts as the largest terrorist attack in history and is for the US a trauma.

On the thirteenth day of May Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Mrs Margot Wallström, Minister of Foreign Affairs,  will visit the United States together with the other Nordic prime ministers. According to the press release, the meeting will deepen the US and the Nordic countries’ cooperation regarding European security, transatlantic trade and the promotion of democratic values. The Prime Minister says regarding the meeting:

    – We need together, the Nordic countries and the United States, to talk about everything from extremism and terrorism to climate change. How do we move forward from the agreement reached last year? There we have a challange. The invitation from the White House is also a recognition of the Nordic region’s importance and I look forward to traveling with my Nordic colleagues.

Copyright Kjell Nilsson Mäki in cooperation with Ledarsidorna.se

Copyright Kjell Nilsson Mäki in cooperation with Ledarsidorna.se

It is not without reason to believe that the meeting, with regard to Sweden, will not only be about pleasantries or giving us a room to feel important in together with the most powerful man in the world. The Washington Post publishing news of the events surrounding the government and Islamism is a very clear signal that the issue will come up in the individual talks with Stefan Löfven and Margot Wallström.

They are expected to have good answers to the questions that will be asked, not least about how did the Deputy Prime Minister and thus how does the Swedish government reason about 9/11, and not just sit at the table in ignorance.

Who’s side are we really on.

It is no coincidence that we are not found in any committee in the Secretary of State John Kerry’s “Global Counter Terrorism Forum” and unlike Denmark, which opted to step in more deeply regarding international cooperation, we are only involved through the European Council. Something which is also noted in the White House. The White House is also very well informed about the Swedish Government attempt, despite assurances to the contrary, through official channels, to push the issue of an independent Western Sahara on the UN’s corridors by Anders Ygeman’s Secretary Ann Linde. Morocco is one of America’s most important partners in the Mediterranean and a key player in the fight against terrorist’s movements.

Another effect of the publication of the “Post” is that this is now global news. The picture that many countries will now have received is that the Swedish government has problems with Islamists. “The Post” is “The Morning Paper” to read for those who want to follow what the White House thinks and what are the topics of conversation in Washington. A newspaper that members of the UN follow closely. In June, these members vote on which two countries of the three candidate countries, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden will receive a temporary seat on the United Nation’s Security Council. The news of the Swedish government’s relation to Islamism and the Muslim Brotherhood is now also a topic of conversation for the countries of the General Assembly who should vote.  Whether this relationship with the Brotherhood or other islamist organizations is an advantage or disadvantage for Sweden in the particular vote we will soon enough become clear of.

The thirteenth of May. There is plenty of time to send out a fly that would settle on the wall in the Oval Office. Plenty of time.

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