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Question are being now asked in our world, mainly within the Arab League, regarding in whose court Löfven’s government plays. By denying Sheik Muhammed al-Yaqoubi entry visa, in contrary to others countries such as Norway, Denmark and the US, the government is playing with the extreme forces in Syria on one hand while they succeed, once again, in insulting the Moroccan court that gave al-Yaqoubi protection from extremist Islam on the other.

Muhammad al-Yaqoubi is a religious leader and one of the world’s most prominent Islamic scholars from Syria. He was among the Royal Aal al-Bayt list of the 500 most influential Muslims for several years in a row. Al-Yaqoubi was one of the first Sunni leaders to express their support for the Syrian revolution and condemned the Syrian government’s response to the peaceful demonstrations. He was early to call for international pressure on the Syrian government and to demand President Bashar al-Assad’s resignation.

Al-Yaqoubi is currently in exile in Morocco. US President Barack Obama is one of those that have highlighted al-Yaqoubi as a key player in both the Syrian peace process and in the de-radicalising of Islam. The US is generally known as a country that is difficult to travel to as a Muslim activist. Something that did not prevent al-Yaqoubi, as a liberal Muslim, and he travelled with the US government’s full support. Now the Swedish government hinders, in different ways, his ability to spread his message.

Muhammad al-Yaqoubi would have participated in a conference organised by Civil Rights Defenders, speaking on how he, himself, has worked on the de-radicalising of Islam and has published a book on the subject. Civil Rights Defenders is an independent expert organisation with roots in the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights. Civil Rights Defenders was formed in 1982 in Stockholm in order to defend human rights, particularly civil and political rights, and support vulnerable human rights defenders.

Copyright Kjell Nilsson Mäki in co-operation with

Copyright Kjell Nilsson Mäki in co-operation with

Al Yaqoubi has lectured both American and European politicians on the subject. He will speak in Denmark, which has given him an entry visa in accordance with Danish and European regulations.

Al-Yaqoubi, in April, will talk to the FBI’s management at the invitation of the US government. Al-Yaqoubi is known as a fierce opponent of both DAESH / IS and the Ikhwan, the Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Yaqoubi has been willing, and wished, that his experiences on countering radicalisation of Islam be published in Swedish. It is now impossible is currently negotiating with the al-Yaqoubi staff for the publication of his handbook on de-radicalisation, as an extract form of 10 pages, on the Slide-share account for its readership.

Sweden has denied al-Yaqoubi an entry visa and the government has refused to answer all the questions of why, even though he had appointments with both the Cabinet Secretary Annika Söder and Mona Sahlin. By such conduct, Sweden frustrates a part of the peace process that began in 2013. Al-Yaqoubi plays a central role in the Syrian peace process as a highly respected spiritual leader. The Swedish government has not explained why they reject the most liberal power of the Syrian opposition, which is also an important voice in Islam, preventing him from speaking in Sweden.

Of the e-mail correspondence which has seen it is abundantly clear that al-Yaqoubi was insulted by the Swedish government, which he likely will not hold back from in his meetings with other state governments, heads of state or actors involved in the peace process. Even Morocco is insulted indirectly. For a Sunni Muslim country to produce a Sufi Muslim dissident protection it is a sign of reconciliation. It is therefore now clear why it is so much easier for Denmark than Sweden to send sentenced Moroccan citizens back to their homeland.

Sweden’s actions regarding al-Yaqoubi has raised some questions our suitability to take our prepared place in the Security Council among the majority of countries. This is reinforced, of course, by the fact that we had previously given the Sunni Muslim hate-preacher Sheikh Yusuf al-Qardawi a visa and the opportunity to preach in the Stockholm mosque. Al-Qardawi is close to the Muslim Brotherhood. Something that is noted in our world at least as much as in the Middle East and North Africa. Another example of preachers who receive visas to Sweden is Sheikh Mohammad Rateb Al-Nabulsi, who often appears on the Al-Aqsa television channel, which is run by Hamas in Gaza. Al Nabulsi says that

“Homosexuality leads to the downfall of the homosexual. That is why, brothers, homosexuality is punishable by death.”

The collective memory of who we support and do not support in these countries is very long. Who we let in to make their voice heard and who are not admitted.

The signal we are sending to the world is that we willingly act as agents for Sunni extremes such as the Muslim Brotherhood and against any attempt to find a political solution to the war in Syria. This is a logical consequence of the government’s indirect support for, among others, Hamas, which is one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s armed Agents but also for Daesh / IS by extension. We place ourselves among those extreme Sunni operators who will do everything to silence the more moderate Islamic alternative. The signals the government sends, in practice, destroys or otherwise silence those organisations that followed the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, which is not a misunderstanding of our world.

The fundamental question, however, is what is Sweden’s real agenda regarding the UN? We are told to be the voice of small countries in the Security Council, but deny, at the same time, moderate dissidents from the region where there is a risk of a third world war breaking out, from making their voice heard in the sprite of the Helsinki Committee. In addition, the consequences of the Swedish actions will be an extension of the conflict.

With the result becoming known on the islands in the Greek archipelago…..

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