Proactive crisis management and risk of infection

  • Fredag 22 Apr 2016 2016-04-22
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The Swedish Green Party’s true party culture and value system is now sending out shock waves within the Social Democrats even though they are not visible to the naked eye. Interior Minister Anders Ygeman said in the Swedish newspaper, SvD, that he hopes that the Green Party will soon get out of this but he, if anyone, knows that it is at least as bad in the Swedish Social Democrats.

It is from this perspective that the government’s reaction to the Green Party’s representative, Yasri Khan, refusal to shake a woman’s hand is to be seen. A behavior, and a cultural manifestation, that arouses strong emotions – even in the government. Minister Aida Hadzialic (S) reacted very strongly to the act.

I’m pissed off, this is totally unacceptable. In Sweden, we treat men and women equally, she says.

Hadzialic is basically a Bosnian Muslim, and had previously built her political platform on her ethnic identity but now has changed, and hopes the government enacts a proactive crisis management before the wave from the Swedish Green Party hits the Social Democrats. The odds suggest that the crisis in one way or another will come. Ygeman is from Stockholm’s party district, a party district that has a pronounced identity politics and activist cultural.

Gustav Fridolin is within the Green Party a strong symbol of this culture among the red-green parties. He was arrested and thrown out of Israel in 2004. A large part of the political advisers to the Cabinet have their roots in this culture, which also has links to the Olof Palme International Center and the Social Democrats for Faith and Solidarity association. The same ideology but in different packaging. One with a dandelion, the other with a rose.

There is a clear support in these organisations for Islamisic activists. A support with deep roots. Helle Klein, a well known Social Democrat and priest in the Swedish church,  is an example of this, openly supporting Hamas. Hamas, according to its own statutes, is part of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas also has support from the board of the  “Socialdemokraterna för Tro och Solidaritet” association in the form of Adrian Kaaba. Kaba has previously disseminated anti-Semitic urban legends that supposedly come from the “Protocols of Zion”. Asked if he thinks it is unpleasant to answer questions regarding what Hamas says about its intent to destroy an entire people, he answers:

“It is not unpleasant to answer the question, and I answered that it is very possible so ‘.

Social Democrats for Faith and Solidarity (Socialdemokrater för Tro och Solidaritet) have a long history of having a vague approach to anti-Semitism. One of many examples is the union’s invitation (along with Fib-Kulturfront and ABF Stockholm) in 2007 to the internationally notorious anti-Semite Gilad Atzmon to a seminar in Stockholm. After this seminar the relations with dubious representatives or their own representatives were conducted in a recurrent hazy pattern.

As late as 2015 this pattern reappeared. Social Democrats for Faith and Solidarity chose to go to Gaza. In this campaign was, among others, Professor Ulf Bjereld, the frequently consulted expert commentator on Swedish policy by Swedish TV/radio and SvD, who, through his chairmanship of the Faith and Solidarity and as an associative member of the Social Democrats’ executive committee, stood at the front of the campaign on the departure from Malmo.

This event shows that the Christian Left choose to get in bed with the Turkish organization IHH. The leader of IHH – Bulent Yildirim – has repeatedly made anti-Semitic statements. IHH has also, according to terrorism researcher Magnus Norell, given its support to various types of armed struggle, including terrorist acts. IHH have close relations with both Hamas and Al Qaeda.

The Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and DAESH / IS have, in another part of the Mediterranean region, discussed an amalgamation of resources in Libya. Should this become a reality, this will very likely line up with the Polisario Front, which has a multi-year partnership with AQIM in the recruitment and training of combatants.

It is out of all this that we shall see the government’s, which is not yet in a crisis, second party proactive crisis management. Anneli Thoresson, planning manager with experience since Göran Persson days, knows her stuff. The question is really is what she is doing a enough? It will not last long with just words to keep the distance nor to try to wash the internet. It will take more than that if the Social Democrats will avoid the same fate as the Green Party.

The risk of infection is obvious. And now it is spreading with lightning speed.

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