Something very unpleasant is to be revealed

  • Lördag 23 Apr 2016 2016-04-23
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Gustav Fridolin has said that the Green Party is in a “very difficult situation”. What happens next is important, says Marie Demker.

 – All parties speaking in our name would like to sit in government. It is an unreasonable to think otherwise. Therefore, they must get through this crisis, otherwise there will not be a political party that we can take seriously.

Confidence plummets for the Green Party spokespersons Gustav Fridolin and Åsa Romson in a recent poll. Large parts of the party apparatus are in shock after last week’s mangling, admits an senior MP representative. Development minister Isabella Lövin says that it has been extremely hard for the party and that many feel bad.

– It has come as a shock to many parts of the party, the reviews and challenges to the party’s basic values ​​that we have received.

Lars Nicander, FHS (The Swedish Defense College), pointed out on Friday the possibility of different political parties being infiltrated and there may be something in this. The core values ​​that Lövin refers to can be questioned for good reasons and Marie Demker’s focus on the Green Party’s inner workings has a natural explanation. The Green Party, but not the Social Democrats, are to be examined. Demker’s husband is none other than Ulf Bjereld. Chairman of the Social Democrats for Faith and Solidarity (Socialdemokrater för Tro och Solidaritet) and as such, he holds a chair in the partys executive committee.

Will the Green Party change course during Gustav Fridolin leadership? The probability must be seen as small given the close personal ties he has with Mehmet Kaplan. Will the Social Democrats be reconciled with Faith and Solidarity’s murky activities in connection with various extreme religious circles during Stefan Löfvens leadership? Faith and Solidarity is an organisation that has a strange characteristic. It appears almost always, albeit on the outskirts, in the most extreme contexts.

Representatives of the Green Youth have openly shown their sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood by showing the Rabia sign at a recording in Almedalen 2015. Another who displayed this sign, a sign that the secular and liberal Muslims of the Arab world likened to a Nazi salute, is the chairman of Sweden’s young Muslims, Rashid Musa, as well as the now resigned housing minister Mehmet Kaplan. The greeting is a symbol of a certain interpretation of the Koran. An Islamist interpretation. As Gustav Fridolin had Mehmet Kaplan as a mentor and advisor for at least 16 years, it is not reasonable to believe that Fridolin is unaware of its importance.

All allegations that the sign would honour the victims at Rabia Square is not reasonable as the Swedish Muslims, in such a case, would be alone in the world with that interpretation. Swedish journalists, who otherwise are considered to be the most gullible, however, show a certain sobering up now and do not give up as easily as before. Margit Silberstein, SVT, likely made a correct analysis but even she has previously belonged to a group of journalists who were hypnotized by Gustav Fridolin, the political prodigy. After he revealed his true self, however, she has taken a tougher tone.

Ties to the Muslim Brotherhood are becoming troublesome for more and more. Not only the Green Party and the Green Youth.

The Social Democrats for Faith and Solidarity and SSU stands, along with the Muslim Council of Sweden, close to this fraternity whose hobbies include burning down churches and torturing. Abusing and murdering those Muslims who show poor judgement by converting to Christianity. I myself have met several of their victims, the survivors, and read their stories and documentation. The Brotherhood is also very clear that they do not believe that Israel or the Jews have a right to exist. All according to their own and Hamas’ Covenant. Hamas is one of the organisations that carry out attacks in the Brotherhood’s name but also acts through other agents.

Mehmet Kaplan’s interest and commitment to the “Ship to Gaza” with Ulf Bjerelds from the corresponding Socialist Democrats side is not illogical. Nor is the appointment of Faith and Solidarity’s former chairperson Peter Weiderud to the directorship of the Institute of Alexandria illogical. Weiderud was, if possible, an even greater friend of the Brotherhood than Bjereld and now sits as the head of an institute just a few hours drive from the Brotherhood’s headquarters. As a piquant detail, Weiderud even has a period where he served as a political adviser to Jämtin to add to his resume. Weiderud was the last that Jämtin hired as Development minister before the election defeat in 2006.

The Brotherhood, despite assurances to the contrary from the representatives of the Muslim civil society, is very much present in Sweden. The Brotherhood itself has pointed out, among other things, the Stockholm mosque as a faithful sympathetic congregation.

This opens the necessity that the Green Party, as well as the Social Democrats, conduct an analysis from scratch. A difficult balancing act, as this can easily deteriorate to become inquisition-like and lead to a witch hunt for Muslims. Something I definitely do not want to see. If we go down that road, we are just as vile as the Brotherhood and their agents. But at the same time, we must find a way to get to the bottom of this and ask what is what. A renowned journalist put it, probably the best of all:

 “When you mix politics and socialism generally arises something very unpleasant.”

The easiest way is to once and for all make the distinction between politics and religion.

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