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  • Torsdag 30 Jun 2016 2016-06-30
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Iraqi forces say they have driven out the terrorist group IS from the city of Fallujah, about 50 km west of Baghdad. IS is now under pressure both in Iraq and Syria, reports Swedish Radio and the international media. IS is now under pressure in both Iraq and Syria, the next step is expected to be an offensive toward Mosul, the largest Iraqi city under IS control. As it retreats, IS leaves behind a burnt landscape. Civilians are without homes and without supplies which shows the brutality of this organisation once again. An organisation with an extensive network of recruiters and supporters in Sweden.

The journalist Magnus Sandelin is one of those that has followed, over the years, the Swedish Dawah Movement. A Salafist movement where young people are recruited into a strict religious environment where even violent opinions abound. The mosque in Halmstad is just one of several examples in which different forms of hate are expressed. The mosque was stripped of the municipality’s grant, SEK 50 000 per year, when Halmstad municipality requested an equality plan. The mosque in Gävle is another example of where propaganda and hatred are proclaimed.

The fact that IS / DAESH is in retreat does not mean that the ideology, their twisted interpretation of the Quran, the Hadith and the Sunna of the Prophet, is on the retreat. Rather the opposite. It is alive and well at other venues and is now in a phase of building strength in war-torn Libya. If anyone could described this best in an international context it is Magnus Norell in his book “The return of the Caliphate” witch is due to be published in English during the fall.

To meet this new situation, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon appointed Morocco to pull together calls to find a diplomatic solution to unify the two governments as one. Morocco is today considered the most stable country in the MENA, the Middle East and North Africa, and the only country in the MENA that the US State Department has lifted the restrictions and warnings to US citizens who choose to go there. One of the main reasons is the reform of Islam that goes with the king’s own commitment. Sweden has, since the change of government, had abysmal relations with Morocco even though they are currently on track to normalise these somewhat. They would be able to normalise in the long term if Margot Wallström and Ann Linde final state that we embrace the French line in relation to Western Sahara. That we affirm the autonomy that King Mohammed VI is now implementing but recognises Morocco’s sovereignty over the territory.

Such a decision by the Foreign Ministry’s political leadership and Mrs Margot Wallström is crucial if we want to play a role on the international stage in the fight against jihadism and radicalised Islam. Regardless if we have a seat in the UN Security Council or not. Now when we have it, it will expected from us that we show the rest of the world that we do not only talk about it. We have to show results.

The fact that IS is in retreat today does not mean that the ideas and the values that they build their warped view of this religion is gone in some way or are about to disappear. On the contrary. They live and do everything to be able to take root in other places with its main precursor in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist organisations. Thus choosing their targets with care where Libya is one arena for them to act. One of the others is Sweden, and there are good reasons to question what was it that actually delayed the investigation directive that Alice Bah Kuhnke promised on the 1st June this year, that grants would not be given to organisations that polarises or otherwise disseminates messages that are not compatible with humanistic core values.

 The only long-term solution to defeating IS, the Muslim Brotherhood and similar movements is Islam itself.

That a reformed, humanistic, Islam displaces these totalitarian and brutal movements. But it requires help. One important contribution is to strangle all financial resources for this set of world ideas. Reportedly, there is a draft directive for us to be able to do that in Sweden, however, it was not approved by the Culture Minister, claimed a debate article in Dagens Nyheter, something – or someone – is holding Swedish back.

Sweden could do so much more. But does not do it. Something is holding us back.

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