FLASH: Israel Denies Swedish Special Envoy Cooperation

During the foreign policy debate in the Swedish parliament, Minister for Foreign Affairs Wallström announced that Sweden would appoint a special diplomatic envoy for future talks in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, according to reliable sources in Tel Aviv, Israel will not receive nor cooperate with the Swedish special envoy in this issue.

Sources say that the person in question is welcome to visit the country as a tourist, but not as an emissary to attend negotiations.

Wallström’s appointment took the Israelis by surprise and the decision to deny the special envoy admission was made based on the fact that Israel doesn’t want to play along with Sweden’s game in the Middle East.

This further reinforces the image of the Swedish government as suffering from severe tunnel vision in regards to the conflict, as well as a profound ignorance of the complexities of Middle Eastern relations. That Sweden now has been excluded from all significant talks in Israel is indeed a stark signal to a member of the UN Security Council and a clear indication that Tel Aviv will not listen to Sweden’s point of view in any respect whatsoever.

Israel’s decision will most likely have a negative impact on Sweden’s tenure and policymaking opportunities in the UN Security Council


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Johan Westerholm
Johan Westerholm
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